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Elevate Your Restrooms with Professional Janitorial Services

Besides general cleaning at different businesses and facilities, our commercial cleaners at Premier Commercial Cleaning Solutions specializes in deep cleaning your restrooms.

cleaning bathroom surfaces

It is best to hire the most trusted cleaning services for your office and commercial building for a hygienic restroom, improved restroom appearance, and increased customer satisfaction.

Having the right products and equipment to keep your restrooms looking great is essential in your facility. Premier Commercial Cleaning Solutions offers various commercial cleaning supplies and janitorial cleaning equipment to enhance your restroom cleaning and maintenance procedures. Let our specialist review your facility to ensure you are using the most effective products and processes.

Creating an image of a clean restroom for your employees and guests is essential to all businesses. Unclean and unhealthy toilets are a breeding ground for messes, germs, and bacteria. Employees, customers, and visiting guests will remember it, especially if it is poorly maintained. When you partner with Premier Commercial Cleaning Solutions, your professional commercial cleaning service ensures a deeper, more thorough clean. Restrooms occupy 5% of the commercial facility space, 20% of which contains dirt, and account for 80% of building complaints.

While your business is doing its best to provide quality products and services to your customers and clients, having a dirty and smelly restroom should not be a thing they remember. Consistent deep cleaning procedures increase restroom cleanliness, boost employee and customer satisfaction, and improve your facility's image.

With daily manual methods, surfaces rarely get the thorough cleaning they need, creating unsightly conditions and the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria!

Restroom surfaces, like the undersides and behind fixtures, partitions, walls, grout lines, and floors, will finally get the attention they deserve, improving restroom facilities, cleaning quality, and staff morale!

Steam Cleaning

Did you know that germs splash all over the restroom floor when toilets are flushed? That means restroom floors also need thorough steam cleaning to sanitize and disinfect it.

Steam cleaning to sanitize and disinfect works great for your facility's restrooms. The pressurized steam breaks down dirt, limescale and kills 99.9% of germs. This chemical-free method is effective at sanitizing and disinfecting your entire restroom. There are other restroom problems that we address. They include:

  • Black mold on flooring
  • Brown spots on restroom grout
  • Restroom walls full of scum
  • Dirty sinks

Walls and Stalls

Our professional deep cleaning team gets the job done and leaves your restroom walls free of hard stains. We clean to break down the scum and spots, leaving them sparkling clean.

Final Disinfectant Steps using Electrostatic Sprayer

We know it is impossible to disinfect every square inch of surface area in a building through simple cleaning solutions. Bacteria and viruses spread into hard-to-reach surfaces faster than we can clean them away. Our professional cleaning team will provide a broad-spectrum approach that will thoroughly disinfect the surface area and the entire room as we have never seen before through the electrostatic cleaning process.

Our teams are highly trained to use electrostatic sprayers for disinfectant fogging. We pay special attention to high touch items such as:

  • Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Dispensers
  • Door handles

Electrostatic disinfecting is a process of quickly and evenly coating a surface with a disinfecting solution. It is done using an electrostatic sprayer that negatively charges the disinfecting solution as it exits the nozzle.

Enhancing your cleaning program and regular maintenance with deep cleaning services will pay off as you will be leaving employees with a positive perception of your organization while helping extend your restroom's life.

If you have a tough, challenging, or significant to handle cleaning job, give us a call – contact us at 510-441-2427, or fill in the form online to find out how our commercial cleaners can help your business.