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Introducing Coronavirus Disinfection and Sanitation Services

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world and the way we all live and work. As businesses and establishments are looking for ways to reopen while following disinfection protocols, Premier Commercial Cleaning Solutions offers you our Coronavirus Disinfection and Sanitation Services. Sanitation requires careful planning as an essential part of reopening public spaces. We will make sure your business is as safe as possible to get back to business and remain safe, and productive.

Defending your workforce, customers, and clients from infection and illness should be the number one priority in these uncertain times. Disinfection and Sanitation will help limit the risk of exposure in your business. We provide customized routine disinfection services necessary for a healthier environment for your clients, guests, and employees from reopening day and beyond. Our services apply to all types of businesses that have high-touch areas.

COVID Cleaning Protocol

We offer the latest technology to fight COVID-19 using an Electrostatic Disinfecting Fogger.

Watch this video about the right way to do electrostatic disinfecting.


Electrostatic disinfecting process
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Electrostatic Disinfecting

Stay safe while getting back to business as soon as possible. Rremain open, healthy, and productive using this latest technology to disinfect and sanitize your facility.

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Office Cleaning

Our primary focus is to provide a clean, safe, and healthy workplace that will contribute to a productive and positive working environment by offering the highest cleanliness level.

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Elevate Your Restroom

Enhance your regular cleaning with deep cleaning. Consistent deep cleaning procedures increase restroom cleanliness, boost employee and customer satisfaction, and improve your facility's image.

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Stripping & Waxing

Stripping & waxing maintains beautiful high-traffic areas and will protect a vinyl floor to extend its life. Hire a professional who knows how to do this right.

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Carpet Cleaning

High-quality treatment will extend the life of your carpet. We have extensive experience cleaning carpets by methods that include dry clean, steam clean, and spot removal.

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Window Washing

Let your customers and visitors see the best view of your workspace with regular window cleaning. Professional window cleaning makes a difference.

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